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Deploying our proven energy infrastructure project development expertise and leveraging off our completion of the world’s largest anaerobic co-digestion project, RNG Energy is continuing development of large urban anaerobic digesters that produce renewable natural gas and manage large volumes of diverted organic waste while supporting regional sustainability goals.

Our Mission

Our stated mission is to deploy our proven development expertise towards the successful development of large-scale anaerobic digester projects for the production of sustainable and renewable natural gas.

Who We Are

RNG Energy Solutions, LLC (RNG) develops, finances, owns, and manages the operations of state-of-the-art anaerobic digester projects that produce renewable natural gas. As the successor company to AgEnergy USA, RNG brings three decades of conventional and alternative energy development experience in the agricultural, urban, and industrial environments. Most notably, AgEnergy USA completed the development of the Heartland Renewable Energy project, which is the largest co-digestion anaerobic digester project in the world.

RNG Energy Solutions’ predecessor company, AgEnergy USA, LLC, was founded in 2010 to provide industry leading technology and project development capability to generate renewable energy from organic waste streams by developing, financing, constructing, owning, and operating anaerobic digester (AD) projects in North America. AgEnergy was the developer and was a net profit interest owner of the Heartland Biogas LLC Project. More recently, we managed the acquisition of Heartland Biogas and changed the Project name to Platte River Biogas, LLC. We are now managing the next phase of financing the incremental capital requirements of the Project and proceeding with minor modifications and re-starting as a manure only digester. Platte River recently secured its required Use by Special Review permit from Weld County. We will be managing the construction of the improvements, the Start-Up and Commissioning and Asset Management Phase of the Project.

The RNG Energy team has over 100 combined years of related industry experience. Our work developing complex energy infrastructure projects includes permitting, preliminary design, financing, construction management and operations.

What We Do

All of the projects completed by RNG Energy Solutions personnel incorporated first time applications of environmental control technologies and commercial/contractual solutions resulting in energy projects being completed in high barrier to entry markets. The fast track projects on Long Island were developed and constructed in record time. As an example, RNG Energy personnel secured the permits, financed and released for construction the 80MW Pinelawn Power Combined Cycle Project in 10 months. As another example, AgEnergy secured all the permits for the unique and complex Heartland Renewable Energy Project in 8 months. Construction on this first of its kind project was initiated 30 days thereafter.


(see the link below for a virtual tour of the Facility)

The Linden Renewable Energy Project (LRE) an urban organic waste anaerobic digester (AD) facility. The facility will digest source separated organics (SSO) and fats, oils, and grease (FOG) to produce pipeline quality renewable natural gas (RNG). The facility will include feedstock receipt facilities for unloading tanker trucks and barges; feedstock de-gritting, storage, and pretreatment systems; and anaerobic digestion in eight steel tanks, each 1,567,000 gallons. Biogas produced in the digesters will flow into a Biogas Upgrading System (BUS) that includes biogas storage in an inflatable dual-membrane structure; a carbon bed to remove hydrogen sulfide; and a three-stage membrane system to remove carbon dioxide and other contaminants to meet natural gas pipeline quality standards. The Digester effluent will be treated by a multistep process that includes a filter screen to remove the plastics that were not removed in the pre-digestion grit removal process; a centrifuge to remove finer solids; and a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) system for filtration and conversion of ammonia nitrogen to nitrate and of organics to carbon dioxide and water. The solids fraction produced by the centrifuge will be a commercial grade product (similar to finished compost) for use as soil amendment. The treated water from the MBR will meet Linden Roselle Sewerage Authority (LRSA) discharge requirements.

A unique aspect of the Project is that fuel cells provided by Bloom Energy will be the primary source of power for the Project. The Bloom Energy fuel cells will reduce the Project’s carbon emissions relative to utility power, and will eliminate emissions of NOx, SOx, and other pollutants associated with fossil fuel-fired power generation. The Project will also be connected to the electric grid for a redundant 100% power supply.

As the project owner, Linden Renewable Energy, LLC has contracted with two world-class firms to construct and operate the Project. At the time of Project financial close, LRE will be owned by an affiliate of Starwood Energy (“Starwood”) and by principals of RNG Energy Solutions, LLC. The Project was developed by RNG Energy Solutions, LLC (the “Developer”). RNG Energy specializes in the development, financing, operation, and management of complex energy infrastructure projects including anaerobic digester projects.


Heartland was an anaerobic digester project using dairy manure and organic waste substrate in a high ratio, complete mix, co-digestion system. The Project includes 6, 1.7 MG bio-reactors, Biogas Upgrading System, gas compression and pipeline interconnection to Colorado Interstate Gas company (CIG) pipeline.

Recently, AgEnergy managed the acquisition of the now Platte River Biogas, LLC project and is proceeding with managing multiple new project phases including,

  • Re-permitting
  • Financing
  • Construction Management
  • Start-up and commissioning and
  • Asset Management

The new Platte River Project will be owned by a consortium of regional dairy’s who have committed their manure feedstock to the Project.


  • Heartland (now Platte River Biogas) was the largest co-digestion anaerobic digester project in the world.
  • Heartland ahs been acquired and the new Project, Platte River Biogas, LLC will operate on manure feedstock only. The new owners are three large dairy’s located in Weld County.
  • Raw biogas is upgraded to pipeline quality gas via two separate Greenland Totara plus wet scrubbers rated at 1,600 (each) dktherms per day.


  • The Platte River Biogas Project will produce 14,500 dktherms per day of pipeline quality Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).
  • The RNG will be produced from 500,000 gallons per day of regionally secured manure feedstock.
  • The Project will also produce roughly 260 cu yrds per day of high value digested solids


  • Platte River provides a sustainable and long term solution to manure management.
  • The RNG will be used as a CNG transportation fuel resulting in major carbon reduction benefits.
  • The Project upgrades includes a liquid digestate management system that produces over an acre foot per day of clean water, a valuable commodity in Northern Colorado.

Long Island Projects

AgEnergy, through its subsidiary, Clearview Power completed development of 4 Power Projects on Long Island. The following is a summary of the Projects.

PPL Brentwood


Pinelawn Power


PPL Shoreham


Freeport Electric


AD Project Experience

James Potter developed his early understanding of co-digestion anaerobic digesters as former President of Homeland Renewable Energy (HRE). The HRE team acquired the following three projects in Wisconsin and managed the operations including substrate procurement and supply. These Projects were early innovators in the AD space in North America. HRE successfully operated the projects in the thermophilic mode for several years and consistently outperformed the original gas production analyses.

Five Star




Wild Rose



The FibroMinn Project is the largest poultry litter combustion project in the world and the project deployed numerous state-of-the-art emission control and boiler technologies.

  • The FibroMinn Project was developed, financed and operated by Homeland Renewable Energy.
  • Combustion-600 TPD of Poultry Litter and Wood Waste
  • Commissioned in 2007
  • Power Rating-65MW’s

RNG Energy Team


James Potter


Mr Potter has 28-years of energy infrastructure project development, project finance and acquisition experience. His background includes specializing in strategic domestic and international power project development and asset acquisition, having successfully developed multiple complex power projects and managed the acquisition of several large power generation portfolios. Past project development experience includes nearly $2.0 billion in natural gas fired projects, biomass and bio-gas projects. All of these projects incorporated unique and aggressive emission control systems and many were located in high barrier markets. Current project development expertise is focused on development of large anaerobic digester projects. Mr Potter and his AgEnergy Project Team most recently completed development, financing and construction of the Heartland Project, the largest co-digestion anaerobic digester project in the world.



Andy Shea

Chief Operations Officer

Andy Shea brings over 30 years of experience in business and project development of water and energy infrastructure projects. As a co-founder and COO of RNG Energy Solutions, LLC, Andy leads the project development and venture management activities on RNG’s large-scale anaerobic digester projects. Previously, Andy served as HDR’s SVP and Industrial Sector Director leading the progressive design-build scoping phase for the Heartland Biogas project in Weld County, CO.



Rich Serio

Senior Advisor

Rich Serio is a Senior Advisor to RNG Energy Solutions, focusing primarily on customer facing activities, commercial development opportunities and feedstock sourcing. Mr. Serio’s career has spanned over 35 years of diverse business experience with more than half of that in the waste and waste to energy sector. Concurrent to his assignment with RNG Energy Solutions, Rich also serves as a Senior Advisor to Corporate Fuel, a boutique NYC-based investment bank. Previously, Mr. Serio served as a Vice President at Covanta Energy, a New Jersey-based corporation that owns and operates more than 40 waste-to- energy facilities. Before Covanta, and earlier in his career, Mr. Serio served in a variety of senior management roles for several large, publicly traded waste management corporations.



Ronald Davies

Mr. Davies has over 40 years of experience in Construction, Engineering, Operation and Maintenance of anaerobic digestion, renewable energy and waste-to-energy projects. He leads the project development with respect to O&M, Construction and Engineering activities for RNG’s large-scale anaerobic digester projects. Previously, Mr. Davies served as VP Engineering and Operations for the AgEnergy Project team and VP Operations of Homeland Renewable Energy where he oversaw the operations of the Norswiss, Five Star and Wild Rose AD Projects and the Fibrominn renewable energy project. He was the Construction Director for the Heartland Biogas Project and also served as Facility Manager for large waste-to-energy projects including HPOWER, Indianapolis resource Recovery and Wheelabrator Falls.



Ralph D. Daley

Mr. Daley has over 40 years of experience in developing and managing energy infrastructure projects including all fuel type (coal, biomass and natural gas) power generating projects and renewable energy projects (wind, solar, landfill gas and anaerobic digester). As Senior Vice President of RNG Energy Solutions, LLC (RNG) and as an integrated member of the RNG team, he is responsible for the development and asset management of RNG’s large scale anaerobic digester renewable natural gas projects. Prior to joining RNG, Mr. Daley had executive management corporate officer positions with EDF Renewables, Inc., Beacon Landfill Gas Holdings, LLC, PPL Global, Inc. and LG&E Power, Inc. responsible for developing and implementing energy infrastructure businesses. Mr. Daley has a BS and MS in Environmental Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, a MS in Fuel Science from the Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from Kent State University.


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