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Jan, 2022

Linden Renewable Energy

RNG Energy Solutions has completed development of the Linden Renewable Energy project and will proceed with construction in March of 2022.

MaY, 2016

Heartland Biogas, LLC

The Heartland Project was developed by AgEnergy USA, LLC. AgEnergy and its members have 28+ years of experience successfully developing, financing and managing the construction of complex energy infrastructure projects.


NGT News Press Release

Energy Vision Touts RNG, Honors Nat-Gas Transport Leaders

May, 2016

Clean Cities Presentation

Completed development, financing and construction of four 80MW power projects on Long Island representing $.5 billion in total project capital.

February, 2017

Environmental Progress and Carbon Footprint Documents

Environmental progress and sustainable Energy Journal. Carbon footprint and energy analysis of Bio-CH4 from a mixture of food waste and dairy manure in Denver, Colorado.

September, 2015

Long Island Project Development Experience

AgEnergy, through its subsidiary, Clearview Power completed development of 4 Power Projects on Long Island. The following is a summary of the Projects.

February, 2016

Manuscript Tables

Bio Inputs Tables

Reviewers List

Experts in different aspects of the Bio-CH4 life cycle assessment.