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MaY, 2016

Heartland Biogas, LLC

The Heartland Project was developed by AgEnergy USA, LLC. AgEnergy and its members have 28+ years of experience successfully developing, financing and managing the construction of complex energy infrastructure projects.


NGT News Press Release

Energy Vision Touts RNG, Honors Nat-Gas Transport Leaders

May, 2016

Clean Cities Presentation

Completed development, financing and construction of four 80MW power projects on Long Island representing $.5 billion in total project capital.

February, 2017

Environmental Progress and Carbon Footprint Documents

Environmental progress and sustainable Energy Journal. Carbon footprint and energy analysis of Bio-CH4 from a mixture of food waste and dairy manure in Denver, Colorado.

September, 2015

Long Island Project Development Experience

AgEnergy, through its subsidiary, Clearview Power completed development of 4 Power Projects on Long Island. The following is a summary of the Projects.

February, 2016

Manuscript Tables

Bio Inputs Tables

Reviewers List

Experts in different aspects of the Bio-CH4 life cycle assessment.